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About The Brand

What is Lane Keep?

You know the phrase “stay in your lane”, we have all heard it before. Most times when you hear it there’s a negative connotation to it, but that’s not how we want to use it, let’s bring this to a positive light.

We all have dreams that we want to accomplish, sometimes we get to a place where we don’t feel like we will ever reach that dream, so we give up and we try something else that maybe we are not passionate in but because we feel like we haven’t been successful in the lane we are most passionate in, we feel the need to switch lanes.

Honestly, we should keep at it, whatever our passion is, whichever lane that is, keep at it and keep our feet on the gas. This isn’t saying that you should box yourself either, the lane you choose is bigger than you think. If you strive to be one of the best film directors we have ever seen, that doesn’t mean you just have to be the director, in this lane you can be produce, you can write, you can even act all within that same lane on your way to become one of the best filmmakers we know.

Lane Keep represents the creators who just won’t give up no matter what. It doesn’t matter the number of setbacks, obstacles, trials we may face. We represent those that understand that they have to put the work in, focus on what it is they want to accomplish and don’t let up off the gas. If we constantly switch lanes with no sense of where we truly want to go, we can never progress properly. Worrying about others in a different lane is when we start to slow down and when we begin to compare which is never good for us.

Keep going in the lane you are currently in and work ten times harder than you ever have before. This is the lane you are most creative and most passionate in. This is the lane you keep.

  • Artist. Creator.

  • Tell your story through your art.

Artist. Creator.

Tell your story through your art.